project index

PROJECT 1: Introducing the Project Robot

Introducing the Project Robot

PROJECT 2: Cutting the Armor Plates

Step 2-1: Cutting Metal Plates with the Circular Saw

Step 2-2: Cutting Metal Plates with the Jigsaw

Step 2-3: Cutting Lexan Side Pieces

PROJECT 3: Drilling and Tapping Holes

Step 3-1: Drilling Holes in the Base Plate

Step 3-2: Drilling the Axle Holes in the Side Panels

Step 3-3: Drilling the Top and Front Holes in the Side Panels

PROJECT 4: Assembling the Parts

Step 4-1: Deburring the Side Panels

Step 4-2: Installing the Side Panels

Step 4-3: Soldering Leads onto the Motors

Step 4-4: Cutting Down the Axles

Step 4-5: Assembling the Drive Components

PROJECT 5: Installing the Chain

Step 5-1: Making the Tensioner Blocks

Step 5-2: Sizing the Chain

Step 5-3: Making the Spacer Plates

PROJECT 6: Mounting the Electrical Components

Step 6-1: Making the Receiver and Battery Brackets

Step 6-2: Installing the Speed Controls

Step 6-3: Making the Battery Rails

Step 6-4: Making the Battery Plate

PROJECT 7: Wiring the Electrical Components

Step 7-1: Preparing the Secondary Power LED

Step 7-2: Preparing the Main Power LED

Step 7-3: Making the Switch Bracket

Step 7-4: Installing the LEDs and Switch in the Bracket

Step 7-5: Installing the Receiver

PROJECT 8: Installing the Master Power Switch

Step 8-1: Modifying the Master Power Switch

Step 8-2: Installing the Battery Connector

Step 8-3: Crimping the Battery Leads

PROJECT 9: Testing

Step 9-1: Strain Relief and Antenna Mounting

Step 9-2: Initial Road Test

Step 9-3: Holes in the Top

Step 9-4: Final Touches